the KIN Benefits 

No More Pill Sorting

It is time to say goodbye to the stone age pill organiser. Human sorting (whether is the carer visiting once a week or the user themselves) is a high risk procedure, small mistakes can lead to fatal consequences. We believe the best way is to let the machine do the work for you and ensure you get the medications you need on time with the press of a button.
What if you have over 10 types of pills? Can the KIN Machine handle so many types of pills? Yes, KIN has over 12 slots for 12 types of medication.

1. Load

2. Prescription

3. Dispense

Never Miss a Pill

We understand how troublesome it is to constantly remind ourselves to take medications with multiple regimes, it is even worse when the doctor changes the prescription, how are you supposed to remember all this?! With KIN however, you are now worry-free as KIN Dispenser will remember all the prescriptions for you and through our advanced mobile app, it will notify and remind you to take the medications on time every-time. 

Connect with Loved Ones

For caretakers, knowing that the one you care about is on track with his / her medications correctly is the highest priority. The KIN platform enables caretakers to connect with and track the dispenser's user, allowing them to monitor the user's pill administration. Through the advanced mobile KIN app, you can precisely see when and what the patient is taking and can be notified if they miss one.

Manage Everything With Just a Click

Needing to head out soon? With the new KIN Platform, you can now retrieve your medications with just a few taps without ever needing to open the bottles and bottles of pills or retrieve medications from that tiny cartridge from pill organiser. Checking your dosage and managing your pills has never been easier.
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